#99ActsofAloha << 2018-2019

The #99ActsofAloha Campaign had a simple mission: to hand out awards to individuals and organizations — who share aloha daily.

They were nominated by the community at-large, here in Hawai’i, on the neighboring islands, the mainland, and abroad.

Since we are delivering the awards — on O’ahu, in person, or mailing them — we will be updating the documentation and posting of photos, weekly.  You can follow our #ActsofAloha video campaign on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ActsofAloha

Individual Awards

Audrey Hyde, Laie Food Hub, nominated by Ty Dennis
Carl Frazier, Cornerstone Properties, nominated by Ron DeCosta
Caron Ling, ENGEL & VÖLKERS, nominated by Jocelyn McCann
Colette Harris, Haleiwa, nominated by Jan Thielst
Debby De Jong, Haleiwa, nominated by Jan Thielst
George Kalilikane, Bay of Dreams, nominated by Pati Hoyt
Harrison Peters, Aged to Perfectino, nominated by Jeremy Dunaway
James Logue, Chinatown Advancement, nominated by Belle England
Jarrett Walters, Hawaiian Building Maintenance, nominated by Jocelyn McCann
Jessica James & Alexis Jamison, Cat People of Oahu, nominated by Sue Arakawa
Joseph Lapillio, Waianae, nominated by Sidney Higa
Karinne Aguirre, Haleiwa, nominated by Anna Grove
Kat Franco, Kualoa Ranch, nominated by Wendy Ernst
M Elise’ Gygax-Cousino, nominated by Bill Cousino
Martina Ahuna, nominated by Brenden Calio
Nami Doughterty, Haleiwa, nominated by Jan Thielst
Sid Higa, Master Networker, nominated by Jan Thielst
Uncle Clay & Bronson Chang, Pure Aloha HoPA, nominated by Ell Granell
Wendy Loh, “Taking Your Health Back,” nominated by Marcia Murphy

Organization Awards

Annie Yonashiro & Wesley Fujimoto – HI Bone Marrow Registery, nominated by Cynthia Yamasaki
Berna Souza, Kumano Ike Ala, Kauai, nominated by Kim Langmaid
Bobby Benson Center, Kahuku, nominated dby Elizabeth Nowland
Candice Acob, Hoolanapua, nominated by Jan Thielst
Cara Short, AccesSurf, nominated by Joann Seery
Cassandra Loh, Wild Aloha Foundation, nominated by McKay Wilson
Cheri Kishimto – Hands Helping Out, nominated by Vince Abramo
Chris Gosh & Tracy Patel, Sunset Beach Foodbank, nominated by Chris Wall
Christiane Bolosan-Yee, FORʻEwa Pono, nominated by Larry Partid
Curtis Kropar, Hawaiian Hope, nominated by Belinda Lau
Dino Fernandez, Kalihi Community Center, nominated by Tiffany M
Henri VanBeelen & Pono Higa, Ewa and Waianae Emergency Preparedness Education Team, nominated by Tammy Toma
Kidney Foundation Hawaii, nominated by Lex David
Kuulei Williams, Aloha Harvest, nominated by Colleen Paparelli
Loren Lasher, Hawaii FIDO, nominted by Susan Luehrs
Loreto DelaCruz, Lions Club, nominated by James Logue
Mary Colburn, Project Reach, nominated by Kina Knisley
Michelle Chung – Hale Na’au Pono, nominated by Vince Abramo
Na Kama Kai, nominated by Pati Hoyt
Pamela Foster, AED Institute of America, nominated by Jenna Weissman
Scott Harada, Dot’s Restaurant, nominated by Nahoku Ahlo
Val O’Brien, Special Olympics – Hawaii, nominated by Denise Webb

Education Awards

Alex Teece – Dream House Ewa Beach, nominated by Aimee Doud
Betsy Hatter – Sunset Elementary, nominated by Jenny Yagodich AND Blossom Kawahakui
Chef Ed, Kuoha Culinary, nominated by Daniel Kawamoto
Jami Lee Higashi, Pearl City HS, nominated by Daphne Okunaga
Sonia Gonzales, Iroquois Elementary School, nominated by Amy Anderson
Steve Ross – Island Pacific Academy, nominated by Kim Vance
Yvette Paglinawan – Waialua Elementary, Bailey Oliveira

Environment Awards

Doorae Shin, Kokua Hawaii Foundation, nominated by Anna Grove
Bob Leinau – Malama Pupukea, nominated by Glennel Jordan
Geralyn Kamahaʻo Camarillo, Kahuku Beach Clean Up, nominated by Sloane Ketcham
Jen Lawson, Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative, nominated by Rhonda Pollard
Jessica & Jeff Haynes, Kapolei Beach Clean Up, nominated by Sela Dettmer
Kayla Saunders, Blue Planet Foundation, nominated by Rick Saunders
Savannah Allshouse, Hawaii Nature Center, nominated by Jeeyun Lee

Military Awards

Ret. Col. Ann Wright, nominated by Renie Lindley
Jesse Allen, Exchange Club, nominated by Aaron England
Joe Real, Drive Thru Joe Coffee, Wahiawa, nominated by Aimee Doud
Kayla Saunders, Blue Planet Foundation, nominated by Rick Saunders
Matt & Karen McCarville, Na Koa Wounded Warrior Regatta, nominated by Mark Seery
Patricia Baldwin, U.S. Air Force Reservist, nominated by Sidney Higa

Neighbor Island Awards (to be updated)

Mimi Dela Cruz, Big Island Substance Abuse Council, nominated by Mary Despe
Frances Duberstein – Aloha House, nominated by Joann Seery
Jeeyun Lee, Hawaii Nature Center – Maui, nominated by Jacque Vaughn
KE KULA O PIILANI, Maui, nominated by Josh Brynes
Kora McCarthy – Kauai, nominated by Sarah Chandler
Pomaika’i Bartolome – Hilo, nominated by Melissa Mulliken

Mainland U.S. & Abroad Awards

Amy Alspaugh Penuel, North Carolina, nominated by Karen Benally
Cassie Smith, Australia, nominated by Kim Vance
Coleen Sullivan, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, nominated by Anna Grove
Dr. Judith Palier (in memoriam), Founder of Identity, Inc., LGBTQ Community Center, nominated by Karen Benally
Dr. Pitud Rangsithienchai, Chicago, nominated by Mary Despe
Jennifer Fero, Atlanta, nominated by Sharon Gutierrez
Michael Sharpe, Greenville, NC, nominated by Brenden Calio
Minnie Baral, Oke Poke, Chino, CA, nominated by Henry Tang
Rena Martin, Dinétahdóó Cultural Resources Management, LLC, nominated by Karen Benally
Seyoung Ann, Korea, nominated by Lym Sung Kim
Tanya Ellis, Canada, nominated by Tanys Cabra
Tri City Garden Club, Michigan, nominated by Lynn Smith
Walking Mountains, Colorado, nominated by Kim Langmaid
William Ratliff III, Alabama, nominated by Kellie Stewart