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Chef Ed Kuoha
Kuoha Culinary

"Chef Ed is a great example of someone who shares aloha daily with visitors and local residents. Through his catering business he provides food for parties, but more importantly he employs locals and pays them well. But that’s just the surface. On his “off” time, he raises thousands of dollars for local charities, donates his time to do presentations at schools, and constantly encourages others to do the same, without benefit for himself. I’ve never met anyone who so quietly dedicates so much time to helping others. He’s humble, he’s never tell others how much he does. But he deserves the recognition. This island is definitely better with him." Nominated by Daniel Kawamoto

Alex Teece
Dream House, Ewa Beach

"Alex is the founding director for DreamHouse 'Ewa Beach. He shares aloha daily by lifting up the 'Ewa Beach community and being a catalyst for change within the Hawaii state public education system." Nominated by Aimee Doud


Jamie Yoshida & Jason Delmundo
The Bead Gallery

Nominated by Geralyn Kamaha'o Camarillo

Jamie Lee Higashi
Pearl City High School

"Jami is an outstanding teacher, makes learning Spanish fun and inclusive for all students. But, what makes her special is her way of connecting with people. Jami created a safe, positive, and fun vibe in her classroom with an eclectic group of students (but, all are welcome!) that call her room "The Loft" where everyone just has a good time. She takes the time to learn about the students and their interest and even counsels them through rough patches in their lives. She continues this level of support beyond graduation,making her one of the most popular teachers in campus. Jami also connects with colleagues and gets people to smile in meetings, participate in school activities when they normally don't, and goes out of her way to support struggling teachers. She is truly a Charger who embodies our motto, "Excellence With Honor! "!" Nominated by Daphne Okunaga, Teacher, Pearl City High School


Sonia Gonzales
 Iroquois Point Elementary School, Ewa Beach

"As a former parent and PTA member at Iroquois Point, I've been so lucky to know her for the past 4 years.  One of Sonia's most important jobs is to welcome new students and their families to the school. This can be a really tough transition for many students, especially at a school with a high percentage of military families like Iroquois Point. Sonia is one of the first people they meet and with her cheerful smile, she lets them know that they've come to a school that is warm, welcoming and friendly. She's also the go-to person on campus who motivates and organizes volunteers, facilitates the Parent Teacher Ohana meetings, organizes book fairs, spearheads recycling drives, wrangles badly needed supplies for teachers and helps all the harried parents who need a friendly face at school. Although it's a part-time position, after Sonia puts in her 19 hours each week, she is there for many, many more (unpaid) hours, sharing small and large acts of aloha with everyone everyday! " Nominated by Amy Anderson, Ohana Chiropractic Center  

Betsy Hatter
Sunset Elementary School

"Betsy has been a teacher at Sunset Elementary School forever. She’s a true example of aloha and has inspired countless North Shore youth to be the best they can be. Betsy is an avid paddler with Manu O Ke Kai, and volunteers with local no -profits like Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea. Betsy for sure is one of our community’s treasures!" Nominated by Jenny Yagodich


Steve Ross
Island Pacific Academy

"Mr. Ross is the elementary principal at my son's school, Island Pacific Academy. Even when we toured the school for the first time, he greeted us so warmly. He makes an effort to get to know every elementary student and their family by name. He is outside every single morning greeting students as they are dropped off for school, and there is not a single parent who can say their day isn't better after his morning greetings. He attends every single weekly assembly, playing ukulele and telling jokes. He is so committed to the students having their best experience, parents feeling comfortable to come to him any time, and helping the staff provide quality education. In just a short time, you can tell how much he cares about the community and the school. All of the faculty and staff provide such great examples to the keiki in how to show aloha to one another. IPA is truly a place where education matters, and everyone is well taken care of. We appreciate Mr. Ross and are so grateful for the opportunity to nominate him for an award to thank him for the aloha award! " Nominated by Kimberly Vance

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