Acts of Aloha – Mainland & Abroad

Dr. Kim Langmaid, Co-Founder
Walking Mountains, Vale, Colorado

Walking Mountains is the FIRST organization in the United States to become a certified sustainable destination -- meeting and maintaining progress on over 40 sustainability criteria including: environmental stewardship, climate change adaptation, greenhouse gas reductions, cultural heritage protection, low impact transportation, waste reduction, public health and safety, workforce housing, sustainability education, and more.  Photo of Dr. Langmaid & Melissa Kirr.


Cassandra Smith
Health, Wellness & Financial Freedom
Victoria, Australia

"Cassie has such a beautiful soul! She cares so much about others and is always helping people. After tragically losing her partner to a car accident while pregnant with their child, she has raised their daughter alone. She has used her grief and struggles to inspire others and despite her own problems is always a shining light for others." Nominated by Kim Vance

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