Military << Acts of Aloha

Karen & Matt McCarville

Na Koa Regatta

"Matt and Karen McCarville epitomize what "Aloha" is. Their caring, compassion and love of our country's wounded military persons and families of our fallen knows no end. Mathew McCarville LTC. (ret.) and Karen McCarville volunteer tirelessly through out the year helping our wounded warriors and their families to include our Gold Star Families through the AUSA Na Koa Regatta for Wounded Warriors and their Families...Veterans are once again a part of a Team, they are on the waters of Hawaii which in and of itself is very healing, they are among their peers, they see that they are supported by the community, by the people holding public office, by the military and the business community. Most of all, they see that they are not alone, they are not forgotten and that they are in fact, loved.  All of this is because of the Aloha that personifies Matt and Karen McCarville.Nominated by Mark Seery, U.S. Army Veteran

Jesse Allen

Exchange Club |Wounded Warrior Ohana

"Jesse is a great guy I've grown to know over the past year. He does a lot for the community, including he's on the leadership team for Wounded Warrior Ohana (an organization that creates activities and events for wounded military and their families at no cost to the participants) and is the President of the Exchange Club of Honolulu (a club that comes together regularly for community service and charity events).Nominated by Aaron England

Joe Real

Drive Thru Joe Coffee, on Schofield

"Joe is the owner of Drive Thru Joe Coffee located on Hickam AFB. He is a USAF veteran turned coffee connoisseur who wakes up every morning long before the sun rises in order to provide deliciouscoffee to the community. Joe not only creates amazing drinks, but delivers each of them with aloha. Even during his busiest moments, you’ll find him making time to engage with his customers who he treats as if they were his own friends or family.Nominated by Aimee Doud