Acts of Aloha – Neighbor Islands

Kanani Kan Hai

"I got the chance today to visit KE KULA ‘O PI‘ILANI, an independent Hawaiian education school on Maui Island, and was blown away. From the story of how this school started, what they've gone through to get to this point and hearing the passion of those involved toward preserving and passing to the children and families the rich culture we have of the islands. To see the joy in each child's eyes as they interacted with their kumu and the various lesson plans in place for not just the kids but the families as well, gave me chicken skin. It's not about the money... it's about providing and growing a wonderful opportunity for the kids. From school supplies to funds for excursions or pay that can bring on more teachers/staff and expand the amount of keiki who can participate. What better cause is there than the preservation of language, culture and enriching the lives of the children for generations to come. Nominated by Josh Byrnes, NY Life