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Joseph Lapillio

Waianae Economic Development Council

"Joe works tirelessly to help the Waianae Coast Communities. He volunteers with over 30 non-profits, most notable are the Waianae Economic Development Council, the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce. He is always looking for ways to assist Kids and Adults to better themselves through Education and Training. He sets the example of what Aloha truly is by always trying to help others." Nominated by Sidney Higa

Harrison Peters
Aged to Perfection, Wahiawa

"She is the friendliest person ever.

"I can think of dozens of people who have helped out on community and non-profit boards or volunteered at events from time-to-time, but no one that stands out. Oh wait, never mind, I think I just came up with someone, Harrison Peters.  He’s a standout to me because although his senior care non-profit is his job, what he’s trying to accomplish for our seniors and the passion in which he does it, is noteworthy.  Plus he’s a great servant in many other miscellaneous ways too." Nominated by Jeremy Dunaway, State Farm, Wahiawa


Carl Frazier

Cornerstone Properties

"I want to give Carl and his staff at Cornerstone Properties a Big Mahalo for continuing to help out our communities. Carl is always looking for ways to give back to others from his annual Food Drive, School Supply Drive and Clothes Drive. And he encourages others to help out and be part of this wonderful way of giving back to the people of Hawaii." Nominated by Ron DeCosta, RNL Deco

Debby De Jong

"She is the friendliest person ever.

"When Debby sees a need she steps up to help. She does not wait to be asked. She provides transportation, meals, etc. She is always willing and has an enthusiastic attitude. She sees the good in everyone.." Nominated by Jan Thielst, Boho Love Treasures


Jessica James & Alexis Jamison

Cat People of O'ahu

"I am nominating Jessica & Alexis for their 24/7 help in caring for Oahu's feral cat population. They are a wealth of information & action. When people find feral cats or kittens and do not know what to do or how to feed them, they are quick to respond & direct you to help or the right information. They really has a heart for the people of Oahu & the Feral Cat population issue. The Cat People of Oahu fosters relationships with organizations, veterinarians & people who can help the cat community." Nominated by Sue Arakawa, Aloha Oils

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Collette Harris

Global Creations

"While I was in Haleiwa doing business, my car got towed. I could not find anyone to take me to Wahiawa where the car was. so Shannon, Global Creations manager, found Collette whom  had never met before in my life. She showed up with a smile and a great attitude. She was humble and gracious. In talking to people who know Collette, I realized that this was not a random act of kindness." Nominated by Jan Thielst, Boho Love Treasures

Nami Dougherty

Haleiwa, Hawaii

"She is always willing to step in and help others out at the ranch.

"I have seen Nami grow into a generous, caring young person who has high standards. She will go the extra mile for someone and does not have to be asked: Megan has volunteered to watch 2 large active dogs daily at my house, feeding exercising, and giving them meds while refusing pay. My daughter Megan recently referred her for a paying job feeding horses at Sunset ranch. They love her because she is so responsible and pleasant and loves the animals. When I told her about this award, she was very humbled. She is a team player and puts others before herself much of the time." Nominated by Jan Thielst, Boho Love Treasures


Audrey Hyde

Food Co-op,  Laie

"Every week, we feed about 70-80 families."

"Audrey runs a community produce co-op that provides wholesome food to many members of the community at reduced prices. She also is seen frequently serving others and small ways that make their lives easier. If there is anyone I know that shares Aloha with those around her it is Audrey." Nominated by Dr. Ty Dennis

James Logue

Chinatown, Honolulu

"Every vote any election." 

"James Logue ran for State Representative for District 29 (Chinatown area). Even though he did not get the nomination, he still continues to serve his community and the state. I haven’t known James a long time: In fact, we only met once at a gala. I sat down on the same table with him, where I found out they were campaigning. Since, I've realized that I've seen him at two Filipino Chamber of Commerce Events. I know he really wants to help Chinatown, even if it's just cleaning up the streets. He is a member of Lions, a vet and a HGEA rep." Nominated by Belle England


Sidney Higa

"Prolific Networker"

"Sid is always looking for ways to help support others in their businesses. He is a prolific networker and encourages all of his fellow BNI members to participate. He organized an event for the sale of my jewelry at his old office, and we are planning something in the future at my home." Nominated by Jan Thielst, Boho Love Treasures

Kat Franco

Kualoa Ranch

"She is the friendliest person ever.

"Kat is a driver for the zipline at Kualoa ranch. She is the friendliest person ever, very helpful and reliable. She is always helping everyone, staff and customers alike, and just makes the day nice for everyone :)" Nominated by Wendy Ernst, Sudden Rush Guarana


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