ActsofAloha – Organization Awards

Jesse Allen

Exchange Club |Wounded Warrior Ohana

"Jesse is a great guy I've grown to know over the past year. He does a lot for the community, including he's on the leadership team for Wounded Warrior Ohana (an organization that creates activities and events for wounded military and their families at no cost to the participants) and is the President of the Exchange Club of Honolulu (a club that comes together regularly for community service and charity events).Nominated by Aaron England

Presenter at October's meeting was Ex. Dir. of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and their upcoming Oct 27 walk where @Lyndie Irons will be a speaker. For more info: HERE

Mary & Spencer Colburn
Project Reach

"Mary's organization is run solely by her, while she works, raises her family, and ministers through her church. She recently delivered 790 school supply kits to school kids on our island. I think she shows AMAZING ALOHA!" Nominated by Kina Knisley

The Ko'olauloa district has the highest poverty rate on O'ahu. To learn more about how Project Reach partners with other non-profits to bring services and monies to this district, click HERE.

Photos: Geralyn Kamahaʻo Camarillo 

Doorae Shin

Plastic Free Hawaii | Kokua Foundation

"So the portion of Kokua that I am stoked on is the plastic free and aina programs.  Doorae Shin spoke at the viewing of “Smog of the Sea” a few months back and she is passionate about lots of things that I think make a difference in helping the community and the environment.Nominated by Anna Grove

Today 150 people picked up 7,000 pounds of debris in an hour: Fishing and seafood gear everywhere - over 95% of what we find. To learn more, click HERE.

Rachel Kekaula, Director
Bobby Benson Center

"The staff at the center work around the clock to provide refuge to youth who have suffered trauma, fallen victim to the streets, and are wanting to break the chains of addiction! I have worked for this organization for over 10 years and have personally seen lives changed. Watching youth coming into the center barely alive, mere ghosts and have seen them leave hopeful, energized and free to live a productive and meaningful life. They take the Aloha they have received while at the center and spread it to their homes, community and throughout the world!" Nominated by Elizabeth Nowland

The Bobby Benson Center has been providing Help, Healing and Recovery for Youth (13-17 yrs) for over 27 years. For more information, click HERE.  

Ku'ulei Williams, Ex. Dir

Aloha Harvest

"Right off the top of my head,  I would nominate Aloha Harvest -- as they are at all the food shows notifying everyone that they will pick up any left over food to distribute and they come regularly to our bakery [The Patisserie] to pick up our overbakes." Nominated by Colleen Paparelli

To Find out more about partnering with Aloha Harvest, click HERE.

Candice Acob
Hoola' Na' Pua

"Candice moved here to Oahu in 2010 to help her childhood friend to start a non profit, Hoola' Na' Pua, which helps trafficked children. She worked diligently to get the ball rolling and the vision off the ground. The vision is to provide restoration and healing to girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. She continues to volunteer by providing professional video media and manning tables at events as she helps spread the word about the critical need for services for these victims." Nominated by Jan Thielst

An estimated 2,780 local Hawai‘i youth may be at risk for commercial sexual exploitation. To Take Action at Hoola' Na' Pua, click 

Wild Aloha Foundation

"Wild Aloha Foundation was created purely from the passion for animal welfare. They are educating the community about the various poaching and trafficking issues in hopes to save many of the endangered animals. I bet you didn't know that Hawaii was the third worst state in the country for illegal trafficking of wildlife parts (they want to change that)! I believe in Wild Aloha Foundation and their mission to raise awareness and make a difference for the disappearing wildlife before they are extinct!" Nominated by McKay Wilson

To get involved at the Wild Aloha Foundation, click 
Photos: @tokifoto

Loren Lasher

Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs

"Loren has been volunteering for Hawaii FiDo for many years in helping to educate the public about service dogs. He especially enjoys working with the school age kids and has touched thousands of people with his program dog Zoe. He has been essential for to our non- profit organization to continue over the years."  Nominated by Susan Luehrs


You can find out more about upcoming events HERE.


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