Bay of Dreams

George Kalilikane (better known as Unko George) started giving away free Stand-Up Paddle lessons over 9 years ago.

Today: his free lesson count is 13,602. “I look forward to continuing to give away free lessons and making friends while adding to the Ohana. So come hear my story and feel the positive energy of the Bay from a paddle board.”

The Mission of Bay of Dreams is to give all peoples a free chance to experience God’s creation from a prospective that most people have never seen it from. And in doing that giving each of them the quiet time they so badly need to free the mind so to better deal with the challenges of their world. And this becomes the start of some great friendships.

Camo By of Dreams Trucker
$26 (includes S&H)

Pink Bay of Dreams Trucker
$26 (includes S&H)