Individual Awards 2 << Acts of Aloha

Carolina Casemiro

"Thanks for sharing the aloha with me and a lot of other people and making a difference in our lives." Nominated by Washington Teixeira

Caron Ling

ENGEL & VÖLKERS - HonoluluHawaiian Hope

"Caron embodies aloha spirit in all aspects. I appreciate her pro activity and can do attitude. Her genuine “givers gain” mentality is consistent and refreshing." Nominated by Jocelyn McCann, EAT Honolulu

Uncle George Kalilikane
Bay of Dreams

"Uncle George has been giving SUP lessons for FREE for years in Pokai Bay which he calls Bay of Dreams. All you need to do is ask: "Unko George can I get a lesson please?" He will teach ANYBODY who wants to learn how to SUP and AFTER the lesson the person can use his boards. He says he has the tools and knowledge and he wants to share the beauty of the ocean while SUPing and connecting with people. He loves to build relationship by sitting and talking to people. While many companies in Hawaii are renting Stand Up Surf boards, he is sharing his boards and giving lessons for free with anybody who wants to learn. He hopes everybody leaves the bay feeling they are family. He selflessly shares shares, shares and this is the spirit of Aloha! Nominated by Pati Hoyt, Hawaii Client Gifts

Wendy Loh

Juice Plus Aloha

"I would like to nominate Wendy Loh, as she is one of the most amazing people I have ever known.   She has a heart of gold and her entire life mission, since I have known her, has been to help others. Proceeds from Wendy's Chocolate company (Kona Paradise Candy Corp) located in Kona, HI, were donated to feed the hungry through the River of Life and this ministry continues today... She sits on 12 boards and is very active on 4 of them;  She is the key contributor to organizing the Hawaii State Prayer Breakfast;  As a director, co-chairwoman, board member or volunteer worker, she is a master fund raiser for numerous associations....    You can check out her current  Think Tech Hawaii YouTube channel series  "taking your health back." Wendy is the national marketing director of Juice Plus and she also represents the food tower gardens, teaching people in Hawaii and abroad how to grow chemical free vegetables in very unique places,  from ones lanai to their rooftops. Wendy is endless ball of energy, passion and love." Nominated by Marcia Murphy, Pacific One Mortgage

Martina Ahuna

"Always willing to help people in need whether they ask for help or not, without seeking recognition or acknowledgement. Kind hearted and caring is part of her nature " Nominated by  Dr.Brenden Calio, Hawaii's Housecall Chiros

Curtis Kropar

Hawaiian Hope

"Curtis J. Kropar is the executive director of Hawaiian Hope, a technology-based nonprofit organization. He has been homeless, and learned a great deal during that time. He has also taught inner city youth, gang kids and adult education, and is a programmer. Hawaiian Hope is a nonprofit that has donated 2,000 computers to students in need, and runs an Internet Cafe that keeps kids off the streets. In addition, the nonprofit teaches IT/computer skills to students. I'm nominating him for his selfless acts of helping students in need with the generous donation of computer equipment that many families can't otherwise afford - to help the next generation of youth and to give them hope." Nominated by Belinda Lau, Hi Tech Support

Karinne Aguirre

"Karinne is the friend everyone should have in their life!! She is so caring and genuine. I can always depend on her to be there no matter what the circumstance is. She is an amazing mom to her 6 year old daughter. If there is someone in need that she can help she is there to do all that she can for them. She is a dedicated volunteer for the Ain'a Program in the schools and is also a volunteer teacher for Sunset Beach Elementary's Ain'a Program. She has been all over the world traveling and meeting people of all walks of life and always, always treats them with the upmost respect and love. She IS ALOHA!!! " Nominated by Anna Grove, Art by Anna

"This act of kindness she’s been doing it for about four years now and rescuing fostering and adopting animals primarily cats and dogs alone. In 2017 she rescued over 26 cats and rescued 11 dogs.  All of the animals that have been abandoned or forgotten left at the beach park in Mākaha Waianae. All the cost she has incurred his come out of her pocket. She is also had people just tied their dog to our fence knowing that she will take care of them and give them a good home She does all of this even though she has her own physical ailments and conditions that keeps her from getting Regular employment when most people go for a walk on the west side they carry some sort of golf club, bat or stick for protection my wife she carries a bag of dog treats and cat treats. Not sure if this meets the standards for sharing a little higher but it seems to me that in the big picture she is sharing aloha thank you for reading my submission aloha ." Nominated by Bill Cousino