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The Bodyboarding US Festival will take place in San Diego/CA on November 23rd & 24, 2019.

APB North America and Bodyboarding US are joining forces to host this awesome Festival.  This event is bringing together Bodyboarders from all over the United States and at least 5 more countries in the world!  The Bodyboarders will be competing in 6 divisions which are PRO/OPEN MEN, PRO/OPEN WOMEN, PRO/OPEN DROPKNEE, MASTERS MEN, AMATEUR JUNIOR MEN, and AMATEUR JUNIOR WOMEN.

The first phase of registration will be open until October 16 and can be made at  After that, the second phase will be open until November 17th.  Spots are very limited and the Masters and Dropknee divisions are already full!  Please contact us at or with your full name, division, and email/contact information for entering the waiting list for Masters and Dropknee divisions.

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