Glennel Warren

Growing up in Hawaii, I’ve had two passions that have controlled my destiny. Albeit, sometimes they have opposed each other, they have also shaped who I have grown into being. My professional desires have led me into the path of a financial planner. I have my own practice in Honolulu and North Shore and my goal is to be the best on the island. Personal finance and investments has been an interest of mine since I was a child and is a topic I love helping my clients with. When I’m not with clients, I spend my free time on my surfboard or dirt bike. I’ve been drawn to niches of these sports where women are typically scarce, big wave surfing and trials dirt biking. I do believe that the only limits in life are our own minds, and I try to push my limits every day whether in the water, in the mountains, or in an office. I hope that I can inspire and help other young girls pursue their dreams and push the limits of what they think is possible.