Owners Washington & (Mrs.) Charlie Teixeira live and work on the North Shore of O’ahu, in Waialua.

Their sister company, North Shore Embroidery, provides custom embroidery
to small businesses, organizations, teams, clubs & individuals.

Farmers Market Beginnings

Route 99 was born on the North Shore of O’ahu where Kamehameha Highway becomes Route 99. The brand, Route 99, started with only two designs at a booth at the Hale’iwa Farmers Market. Since then, we’ve evolved organically — in part by listening to our loyal and local customers & vendors who continue to ask us for new designs. We’ve been around the island, so to speak, having sold our hats at the North Shore Farmers Markets, Island Craft Fairs, & the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. A list of the retail stores that carry our hats is on the Retail Locations page.

A Little About Us

Our business philosophy grew out of our personal history.

Right out of college, Charlie interned in New York City at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. This organization called on companies to be responsible in their treatment of workers, respectful towards the environment and transparent with their customers.

Meanwhile in Brazil, Washington ran a school for Body Boarders & was the lead organizer of International Body Boarding competitions, empowering youth from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Later, as a teacher in Hawai’i, Charlie’s Contemporary Issues class raised more than $4,500, which was matched by an anonymous donor, for the Darfur Project. It was the largest contribution of any school nationwide, targeted at mitigating Darfur’s on-going refugee problem. The project was even featured in The Star Advertiser.

Today, our small business believes that as we continue to grow, paying it forward is more important than simply paying ourselves.

We continue to seek ways to support school & community fundraisers, small business organizations, sustainability projects, & social justice campaigns.

100% Handmade

Route 99 embroiders each of its Hawaii-inspired designs one-by-one on the North Shore of O’ahu. Individual caps are placed on our embroidery machines, thread colors are selected that complement the various cap styles, and our team ensures that each product is carefully trimmed and made ready for the highest of customer satisfaction.

We carry hundreds of different cap styles, designs & colorways — from the ever-popular Floral Snapback, to hand-painted & hand-stitched hats, to traditional yet fun baseball caps. Our designs are inspired by the land & ocean around us.


“Today, our small business believes that as we continue to grow, that paying it forward is more important than simply our paying ourselves.” -CHARLIE TEIXIERA, OWNER OF ROUTE 99


See how we create raised 3D Embroidery on O’ahu.